Thanks for tuning in! The microphones on Whitehead Island are now being deinstalled. We'll be switching back to sounds from the Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary later today. Check back soon!

The sound you’re about to hear is coming to you live from the historic Whitehead Lght Station island in mid-coast Maine. Stay tuned for a foggy morning, a passing lobsterboat, an otter family dinner, and other chance dramas.
If you're a returning guest, you'll know that our regular programming comes from several dozen microphones on a wetland in Plymouth, MA. But over the next two weeks, invited by the Camden International Film Festival (CIFF) and its parent organization, Points North Institute, we are bringing you live sound from the magical Whitehead Island Light Station. This special installation of 4 microphones across the island and 1 underwater hydrophone will run for the duration of the film festival.
We frequently host host programs of music, performance, reading, and meditation. If you're inspired to do this on your site or be a part of future events, please get in touch.
The 24/7 live sounds on this site come from 4 microphones and a hydrophone on Whitehead Light Station, an island off the coast of Maine. This year, many of us are cut off from nature and can't get to CIFF, our favorite documentary film festival, in person. With Living Sounds, we invite you to bring a real live Maine island into your home. You can get here from there.

If you're a returning guest, you'll know that our regular programming comes from several dozen microphones on a wetland in Plymouth, MA, called Tidmarsh. We have been recording continuously there for years, and first built Living Sounds to bring the sounds and cycles of nature to a wider public at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic lockdown. This October's special island programming will continue for the duration of the Camden International Film Festival (CIFF), thanks to an invitation from its parent organization, the Points North Institute, along with the gracious support of the historic Whitehead Light Station, which is hosting this installation.

Living Sounds is brought to you by slow immediate, the creative engineering and art production studio of Xin Liu and Gershon Dublon. The visual animation for Living Sounds: Maine Island was specially commissioned for this event, and was wholly designed and built by NAYO, a Boston-based design and technology studio.

Special thanks to the Whitehead Island Light Station and its intrepid island manager, Gigi Lirot. Thanks to Matt Wall, whose inter-island networking and technical expertise made this special event possible. Want to know more about the research behind this work? Check out this report from AP News. Really interested? Have a look at our journal article.

Bugs? Ideas? Appreciation? Get in touch: or @slowimmediate.

Animation by Nan Zhao @ NAYO
Brought to you by slow immediate + CIFF